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Hello and welcome to Fashion Fairy!

I am absolutely thrilled to finally launch the blog and I really hope you will enjoy reading the articles as much as I will enjoy writing them.

I wanted to give you a quick ‘tour of the house’. First, you can head over to the About Me page to get to know more about who I am and how the idea for this blog started.

Zana Gafita welcomes fashion blog

I’ll be publishing fresh content two-three times a week, but follow me on Instagram to see what I’m wearing every day and my Insta Stories where I normally share exciting clothing findings or other fashion bloggers that inspire me.

Style Lookbook is where I will be detailing my favourite outfit for that week or the outfit you have liked most on Instagram.

Style Guide is a little corner of inspiration where I’ll share my tips on how to style different pieces or how to give a fresh look to clothes by mixing and matching different accessories.

Hero Pieces will focus on the main piece that I’m currently loving which makes a huge difference in my day to day style. It can be anything from a blazer to outerwear, shoes or accessories.

I am planning to launch more categories in the next few months so if there is anything you want me to write about, please let me know.

Here’s to new beginnings and always living fashionably!

Fashion Fairy

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