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A Complete Guide to Knitwear & Midi Skirts

Red Knitwear Black Skirt Outfit

Nothing beats a really cosy knitwear and a midi skirt during winter if you ask me. I like wearing jeans or trousers but I am more of a skirts and dresses type of girl. During the cold seasons, that is my go-to outfit when it comes to looking chic, but keeping warm. If you remember, I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I am absolutely in love with midi skirts and I have about a dozen of them in…

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Style Guide

3 Warm Alternatives to Swap Your Winter Coat For

Checked Poncho Winter

As winter days begin to sneak in on us, and temperatures keep dropping, we pull out our warmest clothes and start to layer up. Winter months can be really long and oh, so very cold, and if you are anything like me you sometimes get bored of wearing the same winter coats over and over again. With that in mind, I thought I’d give you three warm alternatives for the days you want to leave your coat at home. Ponchos…

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Hero Pieces

Where I Found My Perfect Winter Coat…

Pink Blush Coat

I’m a bit of a sucker for classic coat styles as I think they are timelessly chic and incredibly versatile. During winter I normally wear slouchy, oversized, warm knitwear so I can get away with wearing a lighter coat. When it comes to boots or coats, I’m always the ‘monochrome one’, inevitably buying the black or grey. This season I thought I would break my shopping pattern so I chose a lighter colour. I didn’t want to go for beige or cream,…

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