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One Scarf – Three Beach Looks

Swimwear Look

I am all for florals and patterns during holidays but minimal swimwear will always be my first love. One of the great things about minimal pieces is that you can easily give them a fresh look with the smallest accessories. We all love the idea of having a different swimsuit every day whenever we go on holiday but it’s not always practical or even affordable to do that. What I find easier is packing 2-3 different swimsuits and complementing my holiday look with a scarf for a fresh, stylish vibe every day. Here are three simple and chic ‘scarf tricks’ you can try on your holiday this summer.

Hair Piece

Scarves make wonderful hair pieces on holidays and they give such a laidback, chic vibe to your beach look. There are so many great ways to wear them, from the classic turban to adding it around your braid or using it as a hair band. At the beach, I normally like to have my hair up in a bun and I use the scarf as a hair band around it, leaving the ends loose. Another great thing about scarves as hair pieces on holidays is that they are really practical and can keep your hair under control in the pool or protect you from the blazing sun.

Scarf Head Piece

Polka Dots Scarf

Ring Back Swimsuit

Swimwear Accessory

Being creative with your accessories will always make or break an outfit and even the smallest details make a big difference, even when it comes to something as simple as wearing a bathing suit. A stunning idea on how to accessorise your swimwear is to tie your scarf around the neckline, starting from the back and making your way towards the front, leaving the ends of the scarf flow, like ruffles. It’s such an easy trick, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to pull together and it gives your swimwear such a chic vibe, making the scarf look so seamlessly part of it.

Polka Dots Scarf Look

Low Cut Black Swimsuit

Beach Swimsuit

Two-Piece Swimwear

So, how can you make a one-piece swimwear into two? That sounds like a funny one, but ultimately that’s what it is – you’re adding another piece to your swimsuit. Make your scarf into a triangle and tie it around your bust area, as if it were a top and then layer it with your favourite swimwear. You’ve just got yourself a new, cool beach piece that no one else has and without a lot of fuss. The cut of your swimsuit depends on how much you actually want the scarf to show. I have chosen a really low cut one, so I can get quite a good block of colour added to it.

Black Low Cut Polka Dots Swimsuit

Polka Dots Scarf

Polka Dots Swimwear


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