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My FURmidable Jacket

Faux Fur Jacket

One of the hero pieces I had on my wish-list for this season was a faux fur jacket. I’ve always wanted one but I never found quite what I was looking for.

I knew exactly what I was after, I could see how perfect it would be and how I would feel complete once I found it. Browsing the internet one late night, my eyes rested on this wonderful faux fur and I knew then and there that my search had come to an end. And it was exactly what I was hoping for and more. Mixing classic cape designs with chic details, this jacket is a dream come true!

The first thing that I absolutely love about it is that although it’s faux fur, the quality is exceptional and it looks really luxurious. It’s the classic ‘looks more expensive than it is’ that we all love, right?

Faux Fur Coat and Sunglasses

The overlay striped details with soft leather trims are a beautiful touch and make it look so chic. The 3/4 sleeves look really elegant especially if you are wearing the jacket with a dress. If you’re going for that casual but stylish vibe, then wearing it with an oversized jumper might just do the trick.

I always try to be practical with my clothes, especially when it comes to outerwear so I look for quite versatile pieces that I can wear with skirts and trousers and make the most of them. This jacket is definitely in that category, so it’s absolutely spot on. I have only worn it with trousers for this article, but I’m planning to write another post so you can see how beautiful it looks with skirts and dresses.

Jumper and Faux Jacket

The price is a bit high for a faux fur jacket, but to be honest it’s completely worth it if you ask me. It looks so great and it is a staple to have in your wardrobe. I already know I am going to wear mine for years and years. Plus, investing in a statement coat is a great idea because you can always let it do all the hard work for you and opt for a more ‘relaxed’ outfit.

Faux Fur Jacket – bought from ASOS, the brand name is Jayley

Fau Fur Coat ASOS

Faux Fur Jacket Outfit

Faux Fur Coat and Sunglasses Outfit London

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