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Jumpsuit Layering: Two Outfit Ideas for a Night Out

Polka Dot Evening Look

Jumpsuits are really chic occasion-wear pieces and a stunning outfit alternative for weddings, black tie events or Saturday night outings.

What I’ve always loved about jumpsuits is that they have the elegant vibe of a dress but the much-needed comfort of trousers. Jumpsuits are really versatile to style, and with a few layering pieces you can get an evening outfit on point. Here are two fabulous ideas on how to layer sheer and metallic tops with a jumpsuit.

Mesh Tops

We all have at least one sheer top in our wardrobe bought in the spur of the moment because either it was on trend or we thought we’ll find something to wear it with. After a few attempts of trying to style it you either gave up because you thought it’s a bit too much to wear it on its own but you still kept it for that crazy night out with your friends that might not happen very soon. Been there, done that!

The mesh top trend has made a comeback last year and I think it’s here to stay. And why wouldn’t it? It has that delicate sexy vibe that few pieces do.

You are not going to see me in a mesh top and a bra any time soon (ever), but I absolutely love wearing sheer tops as layering pieces and jumpsuits are just perfect for that. The sheer sexy vibe of mesh tops makes them perfect on a night out and polka dots are a spot-on choice if you really want to make a statement. Floral mesh tops would also work really well, and let’s also give some credit to the classic plain sheer top, especially if you love minimalist looks like I do.

Polka Dot Mesh Top Outfit

Jumpsuit Outfit

Polka Dot Outfit

Sheer Polka Dot Top

Jumpsuit and Mesh Top Outfit

Sheer Polka Dot Top

White Polka Dot Frill Top

Monochrome Evening Outfit

Jumpsuit Evening Look

Metallic Tops

Nothing says glitzy and glam more than metallic pieces. I’ve always thought that a hint of metallic silver or gold gives any outfit a lot of style points when it comes to occasion wear. The thing about metallic is that it’s one of those statement pieces that can make or break an outfit. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of metallic gold pieces and this scallop top from Oasis is definitely one of my favourites. I feel like it adds so much glam to the jumpsuit, in a subtle, yet powerful way.

If you want to look a bit extra then glittery or sequin tops are also really great layering pieces for jumpsuits. I’ve rounded up a few of my top ones in the below style diary.

Jumpsuit Evening Look

Jumpsuit Metallic Outfit

Jumpsuit Layering Ideas

Metallic Evening Look

Jumpsuit Evening Look

Metallic Gold Top

Gold Evening Outfit Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Evening Look

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  • Silvia
    October 18, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Love the styling! Especially the first look, with the polka dot top is so fresh and pretty

    • Zana Gafita
      October 18, 2018 at 12:42 pm

      Thanks Silvia! A nice, chic outfit for evenings out.

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