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How to Make a Statement with Delicate Jewellery from jewellerybox

When it comes to jewellery, I’ve always been a true believer in statement pieces. ‘The bigger, the better’ I used to say. My style is quite minimalist, that’s why I’ve always tried to make a statement with my jewellery, from wearing chunky earrings to oversized necklaces and bracelets.

Quite recently though, I’ve noticed a slight shift in my taste in jewellery. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love a pair of big, chunky earrings but what I realised is that when it comes to making a statement with your jewellery it’s not always about size. And that the most delicate pieces of jewellery can make the strongest statements.  If you are a lover of fine, intricate jewellery, here are some tips on how to make a statement with delicate jewellery.

Personalise your jewellery

Nothing says statement jewellery like a personalised piece. From name initials to zodiac signs and meaningful life dates, there are so many unique ideas you can choose from. Think of something that defines you the most and make it into a small pendant or bracelet charm that you will always carry with you. No matter the size, it will be the biggest statement you will ever make about yourself.

Layer, Layer, Layer

When it comes to delicate jewellery, layering is key. I normally layer two-three necklaces, all different lengths and sizes and mix and match them to tell a story. Layering can also work with earrings, especially if you love wearing more than one pair.

Style them with your clothes

We all style our jewellery with a particular outfit in mind or to complement other pieces we’re wearing. I know it can be challenging to make really fine jewellery stand out or make them work hard for you. When I wear really delicate, small earrings, I always try and have my hair up to try and draw more attention to them. If I wear necklaces, I would normally go for a darker top to create a bit of contrast to get my jewellery to stand out a bit more.


9ct Gold Alphabet Letter Z
9ct Gold Leaf w Cut Out Heart Pendant

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