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How to Accessorise Your Jumper This Winter

Polo Neck Grey Jumper

Oversized jumpers have always been my best friends during the cold seasons. The feeling of a warm, cosy knit that not only hugs you but also makes you feel chic and stylish is unbeatable. One thing that I have always found difficult is how to accessorise my jumpers during winter other than the odd pair of earrings which have been part of my outfit anyway. I would always think that adding anything to them might look out of place, that their knitted nature makes any accessory look strange.

One day, feeling restless and in a styling mood, I thought I would give it another try and find a few ideas on how to accessorise my jumpers for winter.

My absolute favourite knit this winter is this wide polo neck jumper from H&M which has been a complete life changer. It’s one of those pieces that you put on and you think: ‘yes, I could definitely live in this the entire winter’. The low dropped shoulders and ribbing at the cuffs and hem make it look super stylish. Here are a few ideas of how I like to accessorise it.

1. Choker necklaces

The wide polo neck is so gorgeous, definitely worth highlighting even more if you ask me, so chokers are such a great way of doing it. If you love bold accessories then this bow tie choker with a statement buckle will definitely turn heads around. The drop of red and the mix of textures between the knit and the silky ribbon makes for a perfect vintage chic look.

Red Bow Tie Choker

Red Ribbon Choker

Grey Jumper Red Ribbon

If you love minimalist outfits, then a black lace choker would be a fabulous idea you could try. It gives such a stylish vibe to your outfit and it looks so seemingly part of the jumper. Simple yet elegant.

Out of stock, buy similar here

Grey Jumper H&M

Grey and black winter outfit

2. Brooches

Oh, brooches, those small (or big) accessories that are always left behind and always outweighed by a pair of earrings or a necklace. I absolutely adore brooches and I think they can be such beautiful pieces to complement your outfit. I’m wearing a crystal one which I think makes the jumper look so effortlessly classy.

Brooch an old one, buy similar here

Polo Neck Jumper Outfit

Brooch winter jumper

3. Bracelets

Bracelets work so great with an oversized jumper. Depending on your style, you can either go for a bangle one or for oversized cuff bracelets. These are the ones which I thought worked really nice, but to be honest a cuff bracelet like this one would go beautifully.

Old one, buy similar here

Winter jumper bracelet

Grey Jumper Outfit Accessories

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