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‘Fashion Talks’ – All Chloe Rose, the Glam Gal

Last month I launched a new section on my blog called ‘Fashion Talks’, a series of mini-interviews with other style/fashion bloggers and a community hub for bloggers who are looking for inspiration. I kicked off the first edition by speaking with Emma Hill, which was an inspiration and honour at the same time. Since I received such great feedback from you guys, I decided to have this as a monthly article on the blog – so feel free to send me an email and let me know which bloggers inspire you and you’d like to see featured here.

I have a few bloggers which I always follow for inspiration – Chloe being one of them. She’s definitely my go-to inspo whenever I’m looking for the latest high street trends. Her all glam attitude, the signature sunglasses pose and the classy outfits always look flawlessly stunning. I am pleased to have spoken with Chloe about her chic and classy fashion style, blogging and everything in between.

1. How and when did you start blogging?
I first started my blog two years ago however only started to put time into it once I finished university which was over a year and half ago. In that time I would say for the past year I have fully focused on managing and growing my blog and social platforms putting alot of time into creating my content.

2. Three words that describe your fashion style?
Chic, classy, and on trend.

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3. What is your favourite fashion piece?
I don’t have one particular favourite fashion piece however I think a bag brings together an outfit and currently got my eye on the Marmont Gucci bag to pair with all my outfits. If not a bag I would say a blazer is always a go to item.

4. Is there something that you would never wear?
I would never say never to anything, however I don’t think I would ever see myself wearing Doc Martens as they’re just not really my style.

5. Fashion bloggers that you follow?
I find there are so many bloggers I could list or mention that constantly deliver amazing inspiring content however I think some of my favourites would be Lydia Millen, Mariana Hewit, InTheFrow, Emma Hill and my blogging babes Lauraslittlelocket and Amy Daniels.

6. I know you love your sunnies. What would you say is your favourite pair of sunglasses?
Most definable would be my round Ray-Bans. I practically always wear them or live in them shall I say. They just look good with any outfit and help cover my squinting eyes when shooting pictures.

7. What is the best thing about being a blogger?
I would say having the freedom to create anything you want and being able to inspire others with your fashion sense and having the platform to share everything you want.

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8. A message for other bloggers trying to get their style noticed?
I have learned a lot of lessons already in this industry and one of the main ones would be to just be you! Focus on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others or try to adapt so you can fit in. Try the new trends with your own take and only wear items you feel comfortable in and which you would actually wear.

9. Who would you like to see interviewed next on ‘Fashion Talks’?
Anyone that inspires you ?

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