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July 2018

Hero Pieces Style Lookbook

The Asymmetrical Polka Dots Skirt

It’s no news that I have been ‘slightly’ obsessed with asymmetrical pieces lately, what you don’t know is that I found my perfect summer skirt. It happened as it always does with the one: it was unexpected, you weren’t even looking for it and you didn’t even know you need it in your life. And then you asked yourself: ‘how on Earth was I even complete without it?’ This beauty not only ticks my standards boxes of midi length, warm…

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Style Lookbook

Leopard Print Edit – Pieces I love

leopard print dress

Leopard print is in full swing at the moment and I have spotted (pun intended) designers and high street retailers stocking up on this ultimate print. I always thought leopard print is a bit too much for my taste so I never really gave it a proper chance. Buuuttt, I like to believe that personal style evolves and changes so I decided to give it another try recently and I have to say that I’ve become absolutely hooked. From slip…

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Style Guide

One Scarf – Three Beach Looks

Swimwear Look

I am all for florals and patterns during holidays but minimal swimwear will always be my first love. One of the great things about minimal pieces is that you can easily give them a fresh look with the smallest accessories. We all love the idea of having a different swimsuit every day whenever we go on holiday but it’s not always practical or even affordable to do that. What I find easier is packing 2-3 different swimsuits and complementing my…

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