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June 2018

Hero Pieces

Summer in the City: The sustainable maxi dress

It’s finally that time of the year: the sun shines brighter, the warm breeze caresses our faces and we’re slowly giving up the greys for summer’s more lively colours. My summer uniform has always consisted of casual, relaxed, lightweight pieces, mostly floral patterns. I try to avoid synthetics as much as I can and mostly focus on lightweight cotton, silk or linen, which I don’t have many pieces of but I would like to invest more in this summer. One…

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Hero Pieces Style Guide

Jumpsuit Layering: Two Outfit Ideas for a Night Out

Polka Dot Evening Look

Jumpsuits are really chic occasion-wear pieces and a stunning outfit alternative for weddings, black tie events or Saturday night outings. What I’ve always loved about jumpsuits is that they have the elegant vibe of a dress but the much-needed comfort of trousers. Jumpsuits are really versatile to style, and with a few layering pieces you can get an evening outfit on point. Here are two fabulous ideas on how to layer sheer and metallic tops with a jumpsuit. Mesh Tops…

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