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January 2018

Hero Pieces

My FURmidable Jacket

Faux Fur Jacket

One of the hero pieces I had on my wish-list for this season was a faux fur jacket. I’ve always wanted one but I never found quite what I was looking for. I knew exactly what I was after, I could see how perfect it would be and how I would feel complete once I found it. Browsing the internet one late night, my eyes rested on this wonderful faux fur and I knew then and there that my search…

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Style Lookbook

January Blues

Floral Royal Blue Top

January is hard on all of us. The weather is always miserable, the pressure of new year’s resolutions which we only keep in the first week and the thought that spring is yet to come for at least two months always brings us down. But then, there’s always something in our wardrobe that makes us feel better about ourselves and makes even the gloomiest day brighter. For me, it’s been a blue top which has made me think of the…

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Fashion Talks

‘Fashion Talks’ – Emma Hill, the trailBLAZER of London Classic Style

Hello and welcome to FashionFairy! I am so excited to be launching this new blog category – Fashion Talks’, a series of chats or mini-interviews if you may, with other style/fashion bloggers, as well as a community hub for bloggers who are looking for inspiration. I am absolutely thrilled to have Emma Hill, the Creative Mind behind EJ Style as the first blogger to have a chat with for ‘Fashion Talks’. I have been following Emma for quite some time and I’ve…

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Style Guide

How to Accessorise Your Jumper This Winter

Polo Neck Grey Jumper

Oversized jumpers have always been my best friends during the cold seasons. The feeling of a warm, cosy knit that not only hugs you but also makes you feel chic and stylish is unbeatable. One thing that I have always found difficult is how to accessorise my jumpers during winter other than the odd pair of earrings which have been part of my outfit anyway. I would always think that adding anything to them might look out of place, that…

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Hero Pieces

The Sophisticated Striped Top

Stripes and Lace Top

Is there anything better than the classic striped top when you want to get that casual but chic look? There is and it has lace on it! A dream come true, right? I have a handful of striped tops of different colours and styles in my wardrobe which I religiously wear, but I can say without a doubt that this is my favourite so far. The subtle stripes and the overlaying lace are the perfect balance of chic and elegant…

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Style Lookbook

How Can You Make A White Shirt Look Glamorous?

White shirt lace cropped top outfit

We all have that boring white shirt hidden in the darkest corners of our wardrobe and if it’s lucky enough to see the light of day, we’ll kill its mojo by hiding it under a jumper. Tut-tut, not the right way to treat such an important piece of your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised of how glamorous you can make it look with a lace crop top and a pair of statement earrings. My shirt is from ASOS and I layered it…

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